The term vision is used in strategic management to indicate the projection of a future scenario that reflects the ideals, values and aspirations of those who set goals (goal-setter) and incentivize action.
Although it is usually used with reference to companies, the term can also be used with reference to associations or organizations in general, as well as in relation to individuals.
Specifically, Visioni is aa cultural association that aims to operate through a strategic vision in order to raise awareness and involveassociates and partners with respect to enhancement of cultural excellence present on the Italian territory and in individual local realities and to promote their dissemination, promotion, fruition by an ever wider audience.
The main objective of the Visioni association is in fact to bring a new “vision” with respect to the potential and value that Italian culture, through peaks of excellence in the various cultural and knowledge spheres, is able to express, but not always to make known, to enhance and promote appropriately.