(and not image)

There are those who mistakenly think that the image makes communication. And many of our colleagues have contributed to the spread of this prejudice. And so a lot of empty advertising continues to rage, in which the relationship of congruence between product and message is completely lost.
Punto a capo is in total contrast in this battle: we are not creators of beautiful as well as ephemeral tapestries, or of aesthetically seductive shapes but devoid of content.
Our first task as communicators is to understand the objectives and needs of the client and transform them into effective communication strategies.
In short, to give a sense, a direction, a meaning and a communicative address to the information that is provided to us.
The first real questions we ask ourselves are: what do we want to communicate? How? With what language?
Good communication is first of all a good argument that leads our recipient to share and make their own an idea, a product, an initiative.
Our way of conquering him passes through a delicate mix of message, image and emotion: we want to address his brain and his senses, not just his eyes.